Recently, we powered a up a slow motion video booth in Antipolo Rizal, Philippines.  The couple wanted a different twist for their slow motion party video. They wanted it to be funny and the theme should be aligned with their generation. So our creative juices spun in high gear and we thought of producing a spoof video inspired from the 2000’s band, Blink 182.


Enter the My Husband’s Lover in slow motion.

My Husband's Lover in Slow Motion

Screengrab from My Husband’s Lover in slow mo video


The guests were very game in producing funny antics inside the booth. Ranging from acting out as cowboys and Indians, dancing like there was an EDM party inside the reception. The video was flooded with almost ten thousand confettis filled with smiles and laughter.

My Husband's Lover in  Slow Motion


My Husband's Lover in Slow Motion

The best moment came when a good friend of the groom  wanted to portray My Husband’s Lover. It was a very hillarious moment as the wife tries to fend off her husband from her “competition”. Talk about the ultimate “Sino May Tutol sa Kasal na ito Moment”  haha.


Check out the full video of this wedding, hope you enjoy these hillarious clips.

2015 Mon Lila Wedding (All The Small Things Remix) from SlowMoManila on Vimeo.

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