Dreaming of having a Casino Royale theme for your corporate party? Are your employees yearning of being a cast of Marvel and Disney for their Xmas party? The cinematic booth might be the one that could make your dream theme a reality.

What is a Cinematic Booth?

A cinematic booth is a highly customized booth that will fit to any motif. Similar to what Hollywood cinemas are doing, SlowMoManila can create an environment to deliver it. The team will deliver the necessary production ranging from backgrounds, props, videography, brand animations and all the works.


Every year, companies want to implement unique themes on their events. Themes such as Casino Royale, Great Gatsby, Crazy Rich Asian, vintage and etc. They want to enhance their celebration by encouraging employees to dress up and feel the vibe.

The cinematic booth is designed to increase that experience. It is aimed to make people feel like they are being shot a movie studio. Expressing themselves and feeling the moment.

Cinematic Booth Inspirations

Here are some examples of highly thematized booths deployed for companies

Casino Royale

This booth is inspired from the James Bond film. The company wanted a posh and action-packed vibe of Casino Royale. This production is as intense as 007’s espionage life

Vintage 1950s Night

This booth is inspired from the Elvis era. The company wanted the retro vibe of the 1950s

Party Like it 1999 (90s themed booth)

For the 90’s kids out there, this booth is for you. The 90s was known for neon and street life. An era filled with boy/girl bands, hip hop and heavy metal.

Effects of Cinematic Booth

When the cinematic booth was deployed, people’s minds were blown away. Never in their wildest dream did they imagine to act out as if they are Hollywood celebrities.

This made the parties more fun. People were so hooked with their choreography. They wanted to live the moment.

Cinematic booth helps build camaraderie. It helps companies make memories that will last a lifetime.

To get more inspirations on cinematic booths, you can follow the SlowMoManila Youtube channel