Our client wanted to implement a special booth for their year-end party. Pacific Cross Philippines wanted to have a  007 Casino Royale theme. They wanted something that will blow the minds of their attendees.

We loved the challenge. Being huge Bond fans, we wanted to replicate all aspects of the legendary spy. We studied carefully all aspects of Casino Royale.  We want every detail of the music video to look like it was a Bond flick. This is how we did it:

The Making of Casino Royale Cinematic Booth

Background– The Casino Royale story took place in Montenegro (a country southeast of Europe). Montenegro is known for its rich culture and classical architecture. It is the perfect place to reflect the life of international espionage (guns blazing, international spy intrigues and world domination stakes).

Casino Royale Cinematic Booth Philippines

Figure 1.1 Casino Royale scene, James Bond playing poker with power brokers




SlowMoManila Casino Royale Cinematic Booth Philippines

Figure 1.2 James Bond on poker table confronting main antagonist





In Casino Royale, most of the scene was shot at exclusive casinos and hotels. Because of this the background for the booth should be posh. The team decided to use modern geometric black and black/white geometric marble to have that look

Roman Pillars with feather plumes were also used as part of the production. The crew also tapped the metallic grills and carpet of the hotel.

Casino Royale Background Cinematic Booth Philippines SlowMoManila

Figure 1.3 Backgrounds used for the booth


Costume and Props – the attire of the guests was perfect. All of them were in suits and dress. Men were in tuxedos while the ladies were in their lovely gown. To amplify their characters we deployed playing cards, casino chips, toy guns and boas. Electric guitars were also deployed to make the music video more edgy.

Casino Royale Cards Cinematic Booth Philippines SlowMoManila

Figure 1.4 Playing cards serves as props for the booth


Ambience– to make the booth more cinematic, the team studied the atmosphere of the movie. The Bond film had a sophisticated and warm tone. The booth was shot in warm yellowish colors. The scene was created to have a feel of mystery and action.


Choreography– just like a movie, how the actors perform makes or breaks the film. We need the guests to get into the Bond vibe. They need to project themselves as if they live through the Casino Royale movie.

Casino Royale Cinematic Booth SlowMoManila Philippines

Figure 1.5 Guests acting out gun battle

The videographers taught the guests on how to act in front of the camera. Guests were doing action stunts using the guns. They were doing assaults as if they are in a gun battle. Ladies were also flaunting their dresses in fierce mode (feme fatale look fit for a Bond girl).




Final Output
Here is the final music video for the Casino Royale cinematic booth. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂