Try running this experiment. Ask your network of friends for highly recommended wedding planners. You will be surprised one or two of them will say the name Marj Dizon.

This is how popular Marj and her team is in the wedding industry. She does not do advertising or bridal fairs like what the most organizers do. Her company is so trusted that she gets referrals from all her happy clients throughout the years. She even have clients who took her service for their debut and later became the organizer for their wedding.

In this exclusive interview, you will have an insider look on Marj’s journey to become a wedding planner. Find out why generations have put their trust on this most sought after wedding organizer in the Philippines.

The Interview

SlowMoManila:  How did your company start? What event that triggered for you to discover that put you in the path of wedding organizing?

Marj Dizon: I have been in the wedding business since 1999; I started working for Bing and Anthony Pascual of The Banquet Specialty Shop Inc. or “BSSI”, at that time. It was located in Kamuning.

Around 2001, I started my own events coordination company. Known before as “Magical Event Party Organizer” or “MEPO” then “A Magical Event by Marj Dizon”. Now, we rebranded it to “Marj’s Weddings and Events”.

Ever since then, I have been coordinating and hosting weddings, debuts and anniversaries. I started hosting for several caterers as a freelance emcee and other direct clients.




SlowMoManila: When you were young did you know that you always wanted to be a wedding planner? What profession did you eye back then aside from wedding planning?

Marj Dizon: Actually i wanted to be a newscaster, when i was young..

SlowMoManila : You mentioned you wanted to become a newscaster when you were young what happened? Why it landed your career in wedding organizing?

Marj Dizon: Well I did want to… but not sure why I never really pursued the line… I took up advertising in College at Miriam… after that i worked for an event coordination company and it all started from there.



SlowMoManila: What makes Marj Dizon stand out versus the rest of the wedding planners?
Personally, I am very curious why alot of folks chose you. I have friends who have you as their organizer and they also personally recommend you.

Marj Dizon: What makes me stand out is experience… No seminar, book or course can offer. Some even have certificates that says they are at the top of the class but when you throw them questions or scenarios during an event all you can see is panic in their eyes. Having done a multitude of events honed me into what I am now, plus we treat our events with heart as if it was our own.

I’ve had debutantes that I’ve coordinated that came back years after to be my Brides. 🙂

Also we don’t join bridal fairs, advertise etc etc… Everything we do is on social media… almost 90% of my clientele are referred to us by former clients.




SlowMoManila: What was the top 3 favorite wedding that you worked on? Why?

Marj Dizon:  Yikes… this is a bit hard to decide on… I love all of my events no particular fave.

SlowMoManila:  What was the funniest thing/s that you encountered during your events?

Marj Dizon: Lots… but most memorable for me is… hmmm… i had a a bride pee in a cup while inside the bridal car literally a minute before she got down and do her walk. 🙂

SlowMoManila: OMG, hahaha. That’s super hassle for the bride!




SlowMoManila: What is the most touching moment you saw on a wedding?

Marj Dizon: WOW… can’t name one… a wedding is a very emotional filled event. Really hard to say.

SlowMoManila: Was there a time you encountered a bizarre wedding? Tell us more about it, how did it go?

Marj Dizon: Bizarre… Nothing comes to mind actually. Unless… Well one wedding we had that was well… Let’s call it “INTERESTING”. We usually arrive at the preps really early… We had a Bride that was drinking the hotel room mini bar dry and she gave specific instruction to one of my coordinators that she had to drink medicine/s at a specific time of the day… It was a garden wedding that happened in Manila…

Bride got married to a Japanese some of her guest were Anton Diva and the like… Back to the preps… When some of the relatives arrived they were joking/telling the Bride… “WOW, pare babaeng babae ka na ha”. I mean it could be just a personal joke among relatives or something… You know how pinoys can get sometimes and at the reception one supplier was saying that the Bride seemed to be trans-gendered… Plus the Bride didn’t want the mom to be allowed into the reception venue…

Not sure why, no specifics were given… I know it’s a bit of a sensitive matter though… BUT we haven’t/never really confirmed if it’s true, maybe it’s just a figment of our wild imagination. LOL…

The wedding went well it was fun and delightful… Anton Diva won the bouquet and had fun with the bachelor during the bouquet and garter games.




SlowMoManila:  Around how many events have you served since 2001?

Marj Dizon: Hmmm… kinda hard to say… off peak about 7 events a month… peak months we do 15 a month on average.

SlowMoManila:  We calculated it. Wow, that is around  2,000 events!

Marj Dizon: HAHAHA… really?!? i never kept tabs… WOW!!! This really surprises me.

Photo of Marj Dizon on field

Trivia About Marj

Precious Photo

If you visit her site, a photo is placed on the About Us page. Her youngest daughter is her inspiration.

Her Advertising Secret

She never marketed in bridal fairs or does advertising.  90% of her business comes from client referral.

Her Secret to Success

For her, Experience is the best teacher. No amount of books, course and seminars can match it.


There you have it. This is the story behind the life of Marj Dizon, owner of Marj’s Weddings and Events. If you guys are looking for one of the best wedding planner here in the Philippines, we highly recommend their company. To reach out to them you can visit their official website or FB page.