Looking for ways on how to make your company events more glamorous? You might want to look at the Dazzle Booth that has been taking companies by storm.

Recently, SlowMoManila has unveiled the Dazzle Booth. Inspired from Glambot of the Grammy’s, it brings next generation slowmotion experience for your guests. Here is a preview of what it looks like


What is the Dazzle Booth?

The Dazzle Booth (DB) belongs to the cinematic booth series by the SlowMoManila team. DB sets a stage wherein your guests can project themselves like Hollywood celebrities.



With the Dazzle Booth, you can select what type of background you want to implement for your event. These backgrounds are carefully curated and are designed to bring the wow factor for occasions.

You can select getting elegant geometric backgrounds (which are the in-thing nowadays). Aside from the background, the team also deploys LED bars to make your booth more beautiful

Dazzle Booth Lueur Lauren Masquerade Ball Philippines

Image 1.1- Jefferlyn Serrano posing at the Lueur Lauren Masquerade Ball

Advanced Cinematography

Most booths nowadays are so templated. It has come to the point that it is so mechanical -point, pose and shoot. As a result, the footages lack art thus the output doesn’t excite guests anymore.

The Dazzle Booth is different. Aside from setting up the background, the team will teach guests on how to project and look stunning on camera. SlowMoManila applies advanced camera techniques, guest get to experience what its like to be shot like a fashion model.

In the Dazzle Booth, the team will bring best cinematography ranging from glambot like shots, classic slowmo and etc. The videos are exquisitely crafted that your guests will cherish it. Here is a sample of a solo vid for The Medical City VIP Summit

Stunning All Over

All videos generated from the booth comes with custom outro. Companies will get beautiful animations and branded frames. Music video compilation will be given out. Highlighting the fun memories of the event.

Guests will also get their solo videos. They can share it via Instagram, FB or other social media. All these are aimed to help make your occasion  very memorable. DB is perfect for red-carpet gala, awards night or other formal event that you want to be glamorous.


Here are some implementations of the booth to corporate events. Hope you get some inspirations from these: