Are you running out of ideas on how to make your videos go viral in Youtube? Does your campaign suffer from low views in Youtube? Learn a few tricks from Epic Rap Battles in History on how to make videos that spreads like wildfire.




The ERBH videos are one of the most successful youtuber group that has grown viral on the internet. Combining history, hiphop and comedy, they created videos that makes you laugh and wanna share with your friends. So what are the elements that make this video viral?

* Funny – humor is one of the best content that people often share on their FB and Twitter  walls. Who doesn’t wouldnt laugh at rap battles between Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates or Hitler versus Darth Vader?

* Social Currency – social currency is defined by what value does the viewer get that could boost their standing in the crowd if they share your content. If I share a content, what will people think about me? The social currency that could be gained by a person for sharing this video: 1.) being cool 2.) being a history geek 3.) being a guy with wicked sense of humor.

* Morality – According to a research conducted to a group of elders who watched this video, there was a finding that elders view ERBH videos as a channel that can help young folks appreciate history in a different perspective. Let’s face it, history is one of the most boring subject during our highschool and college days. Combining history and humor, they believe it will spark interest to the youth. They feel a need to share this creative video to the young ones.

* Idol Effect– even adults still have fantasies on their popular idols. Showing Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs makes you take a side, right? Bet most of us are rooting for Steve Jobs to kick Bill’s ass. If Superman and Goku had a square off in rap who would you root for to win? 


Here are other vids associated with ERBH for some dose of viral video inspiration: