Recently, SlowMoManila worked with JackNJill Nips for their activations booth in Trinoma. The NipsPopFest was its first mall tour. They wanted something hip and very engaging. They wanted to make a big splash with the young and old consumers.

It was a very exciting project. The challenge was how to relate their famous jingle to the consumers through the booth. Remember the song: “You wanna see what happens in a bag of Nips, what goes on before they touch our lips. They make a rainbow..“. Yep, that very same song that turned us into LSS (Last Song Syndrome) since when we were kids. How can our teams relate the jingle and make people be engaged.

The team worked with them and deployed a slowmo videobooth. We used the Nips Jingle as background for the video. Voila! Something magical happened!


* It was a very big hit – Hundreds of children and adults lined up to have their videos taken. Unlike traditional photobooths, slow mo booths encourages people to participate and not just strike poses.  Their creativity were challenged as they selected Nips props and planned their choreographs.

[vimeo id=’139902967′ autoplay=’no’ hd=’yes’]
* It turned Trinoma into a party place – With so much fun and excitement, the PopFest venue turned like an EDM party. People was cheering as the booth operated. Even the mall staff were stunned and enjoyed watching the folks inside the booth. You could hear the roar of laughter from mall-goers as they experienced slowmo.
[vimeo id=’139900013′ autoplay=’no’ hd=’yes’]

* It gave justice to the Nips jingle– the jingle and the Nips brand is a representation of the fun days of our youth. Nips has become part of our lives. Remember the days when we asked our parents for money to buy these from the sari-sari store? The song reminded us how fun the good old days was. Allowing people to express themselves in slowmo while using the jingle elevates it to a whole new level. Families, Tita’s, lola’s and friends were able to share what Nips signify in the Filipino lives during the past decades.
[vimeo id=’139900070′ autoplay=’no’ hd=’yes’]


View out more of the Nips Slowmo videos at Instagram using #NipsPopFest