Recently, our team have been looking for cool and unique stuff for events here in Manila. We were caught surprised at what we found at the Philippines Events Organizer group. For the first time, we found a truly innovative events venue here in Manila.

Normally, when you scout for venues you see the typical royal, garden, minimalist or traditional conference themed venues. Matrix Creation Events Venue is very different compared to the conventional events place that we encountered.


Why is it very unique and special?

Virtual Reality Inspired Venueokay that sounds like a mouthful of technical jargons. Let us simplify it for you. This is the only venue that allows its hosts to change the background of the events place on the fly.

The events place has over 20 projectors that covers all its wall. You can modify the display to the walls. You want a French setting, no problem they can project it to the entire  venue. You want winter in Berlin they can do it. If you are looking for a shaggadellic experience like Austin Powers they can convert the entire venue to project it (totally rad baby!)

European theme displayed via projector

European theme displayed via projector


700 SQM of Possibility– It has a large space to accomodate 400+ guests . Leveraging the projectors, you can change the theme to suit for your event. Unlike other events place, most are restricted to a single theme being offered by the venue. Matrix CEV on the other hand gives you a wide variety of themes to choose from for a large space.


France Theme displayed by projector

France Theme displayed by projector


180 view of France Theme


Inside the Metro– What we also like about this venue is the location. It is situated in 11 Malakas St Brgy Pinyahan Quezon City. Very near to offices and residences . Your guests will appreciate it especially if they reside in MetroManila.



We see alot of potential of this events place. It would be so much cool if they can use the 20+ projectors to create interactive wall for Instagram and Twitter. In its 2-month launch, they already hosted weddings, debuts and corporate events. We highly recommend you guys to check out this page. Make sure to support event suppliers like this who try to provide innovation here in the PH.

View more about Matrix Creation Events Venue click here. We are sure you’ll love the themes they have in store for you guys! 🙂