They say no man is an island. The cliche is very true when running your business in corporate events. You need to build your network of suppliers, referrers and peers to become very successful in this industry.


What are the advantages of having networks:


  • Learn Best Practices – networking with other organizers and like-minded individuals gives you the opportunity to discuss issues and lessons learned in the business. It gives you opportunity to discuss your rants with people who understand your situation. Event organizers need a forum where they can share ideas and contacts to make things easier for the industry.
  • Learn New Suppliers– it allows you to discover new technologies and trends that could add value for your events. It can give you opportunities to look for suppliers that can give you the best bang for the buck for your business.
  • Connect with Potential Clients– it also allows one to meet potential clients. Clients are always looking for new ideas and innovative solutions for their events/brands. Forums help these clients discover people that could help them on their business.


Top Social Media Groups Organizers Must Join:


Now that we know how it is important is to network, where can one find these groups? There are groups inside social media that organizers must consider joining. Here are the following:


* Sponsorship Pilipinas – this is a Facebook group that allows brands to easily connect and find events for sponsorship. The aim of the group is to provide choices for brand managers and marketing managers that could help promote their products. For those who are into below the line advertising this helps you identify the best events for promotions/activations.

Sponsorship Pilipinas


* Philippines Corporate Events Organizers– this is a Facebook group that curates premium vendors. It allows corporate event organizers to easily source out suppliers to help them create innovation and excitement for their events. Whether you are in need of celebrities to host your event or the coolest tech that could make your event more engaging. The PCEO group is for you.

Philippines Corporate Events Organizer